If I understand this correctly…

If you used one of the 20 odd other suppliers who went bust you were placed with someone else on their variable tariff which is basically at the price cap and “it’s pointless trying to change”

But because blub is “too big to fail” the government are using your tax revenue (probably from the extra VAT that they get from people on the higher tariff) to prop them up and ensure that they don’t go bust and their customers still remain on the lower tariffs which caused them to go bust. Plus as an added bonus if they still run out of money they will give them more.

So the consumer is only protected if they were with one of the big companies which have been scamming them for years?

I’m old enough to remember Thatcher turning on the valve for North Sea gas and proclaiming that our energy problem was solved!

Posted By: Ruttles on November 25th 2021 at 09:26:20

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