As y’know (because you can’t possibly not know), there is no dispute that the 2016 referendum Leave campaign was riddled with illegal funding (From Putin and the US alt-right – Aaron Banks), foreign interference via social media (Cambridge Analytica, Russian Bots, enabled by Facebook) and promoted and voiced by paid actors like Farage and Johnson, enabled and craved by disaster capitalists like Mogg .
It has been ruled in court that if the referendum was binding, the result would not have been allowed to stand. Basically, it has been found that the Referendum was not a free and fair representation of democracy. Our democracy.
T May and cohorts knew it but used the loophole that it was ‘advisory’ to circumvent the law about ‘binding’ refs, at the same time using the ‘advice’ to ‘bind’ us into her maniacal pursuit of her own ideology to remove freedom of movement for 65 million UK citizens. We have been subjected to this “will of the people” trope (straight from 1930’s Nazi propaganda) ever since.
The fact that both Putin and Trump have both publicly stated we shouldn’t have a second vote (what’s it got to do with them?) should tell you what sort of people you are standing in line with.
I fully understand why people voted to leave. I live in an area which voted about 70% leave. Some of my relatives did. They voted leave because they were told all their problems were caused by the EU and they would get something better. All the empty slogans and false promises made people think they were going to win the lottery, and as the actual truth is hard to accept, many are still clinging to that hope.
But when was the last time you heard any politician mention a benefit of Brexit? How any ‘ordinary people’ in the ‘lower social-economic circles’ ever thought that Farage, Gove , Mogg, Johnson were out to make their lives better in any way better is beyond me. Is there anyone more ‘elite’ and out of touch than that bunch? Every one of them and their ilk are out to enrich themselves at our expense. The EU is just the convenient fall guy.
So I don’t feel honour bound to respect an undemocratic referendum. Neither am I belittling anyone, including my own family, who voted leave. But now we know the Leave slogans and promises can’t be delivered on, unless you consider T May’s WA does that (and she is about to force a THIRD vote on it), then in my opinion we should either revoke A50 or have another vote to see if people might have changed their minds, this time knowing the facts.

Posted By: Dunney on March 15th 2019 at 13:23:38

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