Sometimes it's better to enact the result of the vote

Y'know for the sake of that thing we called democracy.
I've got no issue with another vote, similar question, being asked in 5-10 years.

The thing I've learned most from this whole experience is just how this so called "exceptionally tolerant" country is not so.

And in my view this affects more those who chose remain, over those who chose to leave.

Yes, you can argue that a large proportion of leave voters are intolerant towards immigrants.

However you can also argue that remain voters are intolerant of the views of leave voters and the choice they made to leave the EU.

I mean if the EU is such a fantastic wonderful thing then why would people choose to leave in the first place. Obviously a large proportion of the country feel that the EU is out of touch with ordinary people. And whether or not politician's amplified this feeling with certain slogan's is quite relevant. Not only does it show the distrust in the current state of politic's but also with the inequality ingrained in our country.

The majority of remain voters can shout and scream about the consequences of leaving this wonderful club till the end of time.

It's just ironic that those people are the same people who belittle and treat those in lower social-economic circles, as worth less than their friendly migrant from across the channel.

Posted By: Basingstoke_Canary_J on March 15th 2019 at 11:29:56

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