Well, this doesn't affect the number of tickets available

so not everyone can be worse off in terms of chances of getting a ticket. For everyone who would have got one who misses out because of the change, someone else will get one who wouldn't have got one.

As for whether everyone is worse off financially, that depends who buys the tickets. If there are lots of people who went to 10 away games last season, and they buy away tickets, then they're not worse off at all. They may actually comprise a lot of our away following this season - dunno how many there are.

If there are quite a few tickets left over after that group have bought tickets, then there will be a bunch of people who pay £50 and get to go to games. If plenty of those are people with lots of points, who would have got tickets without having to pay extra under the old season, then yes they're worse off, but the same people are getting tickets.

If lots of the new Premier members who go to games this season are people without many points, then presumably they're people who are content to pay £50 to give themselves a chance to see games which they wouldn't have otherwise got to.

So there are likely to be winners and losers. Not saying it's fair - some people who went a lot last season are likely to lose out to people who didn't. But not everyone will be worse off. (It's just not obvious that the beneficiaries are people who deserve to benefit.)

Posted By: Tricky Hawes on June 12th 2019 at 09:23:06

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