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The £30 cap on tickets is a really positive step and these new membership levels do seem more straightforward than the previous system, especially away points, which always seemed slightly arcane to me. But a couple of questions/doubts persist.

Firstly, will there be a cap on the number of premier and standard memberships? If not, there seems very little point in having two tiers as surely everyone will just go for the higher level.

Also, speaking as an infrequent away fan who stands to benefit here, I don’t think they have gone far enough to recognise previous away fans’ dedication. 10 games last season is quite a high bar, and will catch out a lot of fans (as this thread demonstrates). Perhaps a threshold of five games would have been fairer? I would suggest any less than five away games is a much fairer way to identify casual away fans (i.e. me) from the hardcore, especially given the costs involved.

Posted By: King on June 12th 2019 at 08:45:56

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