Well,it helped me not think Corbyn was a traitorous c**t.he's

Got such baggage.Student politics like most of the current labour front bench(well,the high profile ,older labour MPs I know).I could drone on,but I just want us to be fair,I don't want anymore oil wars,I am not anti immigration but so many posters on here have no idea what has happened to traditional industries in towns like Lynn,I must have said it half a dozen times but many eastern Europeans that come here a better qualified than me but take jobs below their intellectual level.(jobs that poorly qualified people like me would take),And council housing, well affordable housing of any type is in massively short supply. I wouldn't have bothered posting this many words to most on here tbh.

Posted By: protheroe fitzgibbon on March 15th 2019 at 15:19:37

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