This is what the problem is - insurers don't expect loyalty as expect you to change

I had a small accident in December where I was basically told that because of the "cost of repairs" my 13 year old car would be written off. This was my first accident in over 20 years

It turned out that the total claim cost of a minor shunt at around 15 mph where both cars were able to continue driving (although mine was slightly dodgy) was over £10K

I had no quibble regarding the settlement but was irritated that I was able to track my old car when it was auctioned off for a sixth of the amount they paid me and was back on the road again within a week.

Without using the B word the cost of OEM parts has skyrocketed since 2020 due to the need to import most and the use of "authorised repairers" means that repairs are not competitively priced which adds to claim costs as well as the increased costs of repairing a modern car as opposed to one that is even only 10 years old.

Motor Insurance has been underpriced for years - Direct Line was making a fortune by its multiple outlets (anything where the Insurer is "UK Insurance Limited" is Direct Line but they had a bad year last year and started to reduce their exposure by increasing costs and everyone else followed

My renewal price was 300% of the expiring premium* and because of the "online only" scheme it is insured with I was unable to discuss this with a human to negotiate it down.

I had already decided that I would renew with them as they have some very good bolt-ons to the Policy that you don't get with other insurers and I do not agree to an excess. You need to examine what you are getting in order to see if you actually want or need the cover that is automatically provided or are losing things that yo need by switching to a new insurer.

*the price went up from just over £200 to £600 but as I had to get a new car the replacement value of the car went up by a similar percentage plus I was able to retain my zero excess.

Posted By: Ruttles on June 11th 2024 at 11:09:16

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