The new 'fair pricing' rules will have an impact on that as well.

Insurers cannot offer fundamentally different rates for NB related to Renewal.

That will mean there are no more cheap first year deals that drove the practice of clients moving at each renewal.

Whether that ends up stabilising the market and giving more reliable premiums for consumers in the long run is up for debate.

There's been a run of poor years in claims performances for various reasons, but it started with people claiming for Personal Injury that they hadn't had, and has escalated from there.
Driving standards are falling which has increased claim frequency.
Claims costs are rising due to a combination of material and labour costs, but also the rise in complexity of modern vehicles, simple claims repairs cost more each year.

We also have more uninsured drivers on the road than ever before, and are probably now in a spiral where the rising costs leads to more chancing it, which creates more costs pushing premiums up, which leads to more chancing it etc etc etc.

Doesn't help that there are less and less resources these days to police the roads and those who are on them when they shouldn't be either.

Posted By: megson on June 11th 2024 at 10:54:00

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