Not that it affects my view of BK8

but I don't really agree with that - in fact I fundamentally disagree. That which counts as "offensive" must, I think, be defined objectively to some extent, like "dishonesty". Otherwise you are at a point where it's meaningless, because anything is capable of being offensive. Neither should you necessarily apologise because someone is "offended" - if something is eg neither objectively offensive, nor intended as such, then what's to apologise for? Anyway, I do for what's worth think BK8 were a pretty offensive bunch, but then again, so were Dafabet (google Dafabet Images, and it doesn't take long ...) and probably anyone else willing to bung us £££ in return for their name on a shirt - the search for moral purity in a commercial sponsor is unlikely to be a fulfilling one. It's more a question of the level at which we're all prepared to turn a blind eye to preserve our sense of propriety.
Personally, I'd love a shirt without some prattish name on the front, but there we are.

Posted By: paulg on June 10th 2021 at 10:47:57

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