I think that view is a bit date nowdays

Look at how Liverpool, Man City or Barcelona play, or nearly all of the best teams with the best defensive records.

They effectively defend by having possession and winning it back high up the pitch, with full backs playing almost as wingers. And so they are all vulnerable to being caught out in transitions through the centre of the pitch, and in that case they absolutely rely on their centre backs to go into wide areas and to handle themselves 1v1.

Whether or not that is the best approach for us is debatable, considering we don't have players of the same quality. But it is how we are trying to play. We'd have to change the whole style and set up - losing loads of attacking patterns - if we adjusted to give centre backs loads of protection and so they don't have to go out wide ever.

Posted By: Mecagoenti on August 25th 2019 at 12:03:27

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