After years Of lurking just a few points about Hanley...

Yes he’s the worst of the 4 options but people are expecting zimbo or Klose to slot straight in and everything will be fine. Really?

Have you seen how often teams are having free runs at us? No ones breaking up play in midfield, nobody is covering the forward runs from full back! The goal against Newcastle Hanley was out of position pushed out at right back covering Aaron’s in the build up and was never able to get back goal side of shelvey because of this.

If tryball is the defensive midfielder of this current line up it’s HIS job to cover the full backs, to sit in front of the back four and offer some protection. Who was repacking Abraham’s run from midfield yesterday? It doesn’t matter who’s at centre back in them situations, a player with pace and dribbling skills was having a free run at them, while they are trying to move backwards? Impossible.

Hopefully Amadou is the guy or we’ll concede the same types of goals over and over again. Imagine only having Leitner and tryball as your protection from midfield? Either we need to rain in the freedom of Aaron’s and Lewis a little bit, or Amadou or tettey must come into the team. It’s easy to just dismiss it as “we were playing Chelsea” but in reality that’s the weakest Chelsea team of the last ten years (in my opinion)

A good win over a woeful Newcastle team isn’t making me confident we’ll do enough. You can’t just assume you’ll outscore teams at this level. It won’t work like that. If we address these areas I’m confident we’ll be alright but until there we are way to easy to score against. Every time a team comes forward they look like they could score 🙈

Posted By: Alan on August 25th 2019 at 11:12:55

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