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I understand how irritated people who are ST holders or travel away a lot are and understand the frustration. If I was in their shoes i’s be miffed.

I suppose I could be considered a casual fan as for a variety of reasons (living in Bristol, cash flow, amount of work I have on) I usually can’t make it to more than four or five games a season - some of which will be at Carrow Road, others away games. I’m not a glory hunter though as i’ve been attending games - either on my own or with my dad/brother - since I was a kid in the 80s. I actually went to more games in the league one season than any other weirdly (and rather enjoyed visiting quirky grounds and lower league clubs we don’t play often).

In the past having one membership has allowed me to get tickets to home or away games (aside from ones where you need lots of points, which is fair enough as the hardcore should get priority). If i’ve read the info right I would now need two memberships and to be in with a realistic chance of getting tickets that means spending a hundred quid. That’s a lot considering I may only have the time and money to go to three or four games.

So this makes it unlikely i’ll attend any games at all, which is disappointing as I would love to travel to Norfolk or elsewhere in the country a few times. Under the old system I might have missed out on popular games or low capacity away grounds because others take priority (rightly) but more often than not i’d be able to get some matches in and not have to spend megabucks for multiple memberships.

So in summary... boo!

Posted By: Sellbydave on June 12th 2019 at 19:12:43

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