would be surprised

Dont think weber would let smith waltz in and demand players from a club that he has just come from via the sack. Having said that the latest city view was fawning over DS a bit, what was the picture in picture all about? Its called city view not the dean smith chronicles. Heres dean getting off a bus. now hes walking on some grass looking pensively at some plastic seats plotting something maybe, who knows #enigmatic. Now he is sharing some bantz with some media tit "gary sends his regards dean!" Who is the mystery gary we wonder? Lineker, glitter, barlow? baldybiscuit? We are left hanging yearning for more crumbs the prickteasing is crushing. Next week, here's affable no nonsense dean exchanging ppleasentries with the catering staff as he grabs a bowl of pasta. Ive gone off him already. Come zuruck daniel, our living room seems cold and empty without you x

Posted By: Tombs on November 25th 2021 at 11:32:33

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