Totally this. Big sympathy to them all too

Imagine that I posted the following question on the wrath at the start of the season:

How many points do you think we might win if we start with Tetts at CB?

Obviously a lot of people would have said 9, but of course the answer would have been 0. Or “don’t be f**king stupid. Why in the world would we ever do that?” I’m in no way blaming the man - he’s a legend - but a prem team with Tetts at CB is just over.

It’s such a shame that injuries have killed our prospects, but what I saw tonight was a broken set of individuals that no longer believe they deserve to be there. We’re going to do a Huddersfield I think, and it’s going to be brutal to have to suck that up.

Posted By: Under soil heating on November 9th 2019 at 00:29:09

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