Ben f**king Kensall effectively hands my son and I an away match banning order

at the drop of a hat on the eve of the season and some very very smug c**ts are actually absolutely revelling in it. some of them don't even go to any games. brilliant, warms the heart it does.

what is it? a year and a bit or so since we had the board whinging and pleading for us fans to be patient "aww please get behind daniel and the team and back us blah f**king blah blah" so we did, just like we did when we were kicking around league one and every other s**tty season since nineteen goodness knows what. and then on the eve of the season they f**k people over with this s**t. i was even mug enough to punt in some money to the along come norwich flag s**t because of the sense of optimism that finally we'd got somewhere and we had something special.

appalling way to treat people.

f**k this club

yeah blub etc, go f**k yourselves as well.

Posted By: Tombs on August 14th 2019 at 09:51:32

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