blimey crikey heck, Kosovo (in Englands group)

just seen Kosovo won their first ever away euro qual game v the Bulgars in the Bulgaria. Kosovo is f**king tiny. Having had a squint at their recent record it is apparent that they have not lost for 14 games (friendlies or nations league games) which is astonishing. I really think we might be in for a very cold lesson when we play them on Nov 17th in Pristina. Having spent the best part of 14 years in or around that neck of the woods I know that the one thing that unites them (apart from the hatred of the Serbs and love for Albania) is football. every chicken s**t town big and small has at least one indoor footy arena and that's all there is for the kids and these venues are packed every night of the week with kids young and not so young playing game after game after game. Think of how many casual 5-a-side football venues there are in Norwich. 1?

Posted By: Tombs on June 12th 2019 at 21:26:03

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