i'm not upset at that, i couldn't give two s**ts if exiles can watch streamed games

good for you, i'm very happy that you have that option legal or otherwise. i'm f**ked off that i've effectively been told i have to pay a ransom to enter a lottery to perhaps stand the chance of getting an away ticket. coming on here like you and usac crowing "i'm alright jack i can still watch us on a stream" isn't really helping. it really isn't. i know, suck it up, roll with the punches etc. i get that but it has gone a long way into pissing on my chips of being at villa park celebrating the title that day. together. those hopes have been pissed on, thinking of a few perhaps special away days ahead in the prem, precious days with my lad that are few and far between. we had that notion because there was no indication they were going to scrap the points system. none. no inclination of this was given by the club they just arbitrarily did so. so they pissed on my chips yes. you are fine mate don't worry about it, it's just football. i'll get over it.

Posted By: Tombs on June 12th 2019 at 20:46:49

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