It's easier for rich away fans to sit next to you

it's easier for rich city fans only wanting to attend the odd match to get a ticket

It's easier for the 756 Loyal* ST holders to get away tickets

There's a squeezed middle of ST holders who travelled lots, but weren't quite Loyal* enough, who dip out

There's some disgruntlement amongst those who travelled lots (but weren't Loyal*) being lumped in with the glory-hunting casuals

Jim has a new stick to beat the club with (just wait til he hears about Ben's bonus for increasing non-TV revenues!)

*USAC has given us all a new definition of Loyalty: Must be a ST holder who attends 10+ away games .

Think that is it. May have over-simplified some bits.

Posted By: CWC on June 12th 2019 at 19:02:10

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