Away tickets

Season ticket holders - no longer get rewarded for loyalty
Away season ticket holders - now have to pay £50 to guarantee a ticket, and have one day to buy them
People who went to more than 9 (NINE!) away games now have to pay £50 to guarantee a ticket
Everyone else, no matter whether they have been to a game in their life, a tout, or spent in excess of £1500 or so on home and away games last year (assuming they're Norwich-based), have to spend £50 just to get a second priory chance of buying a ticket.

Home tickets
Not so up on this because it doesn't affect me (and from what I've read there aren't many grumbles about home tickets, despite usac's protestations) , but my ST loyalty has been further devalued by the £30 home casual ticket price cap.

Posted By: Yellalee on June 12th 2019 at 18:43:07

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