Speed singing

Somebody mentioned this earlier and I agree as it often goes through my mind at games.
We used to be able to fit in the words
1) "Nigel Worthington's green and yellow army". Now we can only manage "farke's yellow army"

2) they play parklife over the radio and people still sing "all the Germans" at their own speed as if somehow the speed of the blur song is wrong. Ditto the submarine song.

3) "oh when the greens" we've sung it three times by time most teams sing it once. Most songs are like that come to think of it.

4) on the ball city. What are the last three lines. Does anybody actually know? I know it ends "Owyscudagul" (might be good on a t shirt that)

Anyway, not complaining especially (Okay I am a bit) but interested in why we sing all songs so fast. are we just an excitable lot?

Posted By: yarmouthyellow on March 15th 2019 at 18:14:13

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