In denial?

“Reports from our friends in the Barclay Lower were the nerves, or heckling of Krul wasn’t really audible. From the halfway line they most certainly were.” (see the ACN match review)

Which is where the management team sit? It’s one thing to take a contrarian stance and say any abuse is just banter and normal for matches, but this conspiracy theory that SW is making an issue out of nothing is a weird one, even by your contrarian standards. It wasn’t only at the match, as others have pointed out, social media comment has been quick to condemn Krul - and you don’t have to stray further than this board to read some of it. To dismiss that as normal football banter, whilst writing off those who have defended Krul or suggested criticism could be toned down as SW stooges/useful idiots, is having your cake & eating it.

Another thing that’s bugged me a bit, looking at the highlights again, whilst the kick was rushed and misplaced I was surprised at the distribution of the rest of the team - there seemed to be a big gap between the defenders and our midfield who all seemed to be up on the halfway line. Even after getting the ball - in acres of space with none of our players near it in the middle of our half - there was still a lot to do before what was a very well taken goal.

Posted By: Tressells Broadbrush on March 15th 2019 at 08:31:49

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