I'm thinking 'we've seen this all before' following the supporters Forum meeting

Knapper talking about youth pathways, having a clear identify of possession, attacking football, club playing the same way at all levels, succession plans in place etc etc etc..

This was the exact rhetoric with the last regime, and lasted until our second promotion where recruitment of players and head coach then went into panic mode.

I hear Knapper talk and it's like he is only half believes it himself. Hey, my perception isn't important, but it's what I pick up. You then have the Hoff contradict Knapper and himself saying that the football sometimes will need to be pragmatic (I am one of the few fans it seems that doesn't mind that). Knapper saying 'there is too much in a football match out of our control, so we can't have a metric of games won, only that we follow a process'. Honestly, that is such a bs mentality. If he thinks fans will put up with style and no results, that won't work either.

Maybe another 'reset', when the last lot in charge were supposed to have carried all this out before makes me feel a little 'blugh'. Obviously the club needs to be financially stable, but would we be any worse than the Lambert/McNally approach previously of signing hungry players with a point to prove?

Posted By: seminated_woolly on July 10th 2024 at 14:11:37

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