Last night on the radio

Colin Murray read out a comment from a listener that said, (paraphrasing):

Clubs like Derby have spent way beyond their means. Taxing the premier league and giving Derby more money isn't the solution.


Clubs somehow need to live within their means (however that is defined) and any funds need to be there to help out genuine financial need, not as an incentive to take more risk and rely on this as a safety net.

FFP doesn't seem to work in its current form.

At the same time, I feel clubs should be allowed to grow with genuine investment, i.e. just because a club is in League 2 today, rules shouldn't prevent them growing to be a Premier League club. If I were loaded, I'd probably want to waste money on my team and be a part of that journey...

If amazon or rakuten want to invest in a club and genuinely grow them, let the rules allow it, but control elements of how it is done so it is sustainable.

I'm not trying to solutionise here but I do like the idea of guaranteeing a percentage of each club being fan-owned. Isn't this what prevented German clubs being embroiled in the Super League?

I am sure there are lots of good ideas out there but how many are compatible with free market rules and allowing a business to grow/fail of its own accord?


Posted By: Jester on November 25th 2021 at 13:43:06

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