Obviously we never disclose fees

But they're basically saying this could be double the Godfrey fee which was the previous record.


Madders was £24m and the statement said Godfrey was set to surpass it. So £25m at least.

Are we to take it that Buendia deal could actually hit £50m not 40? Maybe that includes a theoretical sell on fee.

Im glad we don't disclose but it makes the spin we do really convoluted.

Godfrey was also variously reported as 20 rising to 25 with addons but I think Bailey then sourced it to 20 rising to 25 easily... Then on to 30 with some stretch addons.

Buendia is 33 to 38 with addons plus a 10% sell on according to Bailey. That doesn't easily sound like the "nearly double" that Webber is quoted as given 48m is double the Madders sale which we are told is not the record sale.

Did we not put % on Godfrey? That seems a bit mad.

Posted By: trafford_canary on June 10th 2021 at 18:34:24

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