Hmmm, hope this isn’t just fishing for a bit of controversy but,

APjnr is of an age where he loves all of that SoundCloud Rap/EmoRap/Trap/ stuff and listens to it in his room or sometimes in the car if it’s just me and him in the car. I’m not a fan, probably like my parents weren’t a fan of the music I liked when I was 17. I comment on it, complain to APjnr about it and offer up alternatives etc but I still likes it and it’s massively popular. There’s so much swearing in it, standard typical (boring) references to possessions, women, money, not so much violence but it’s there. And of course the N word,a lot. It’s amusing to hear him singing along and missing out the N word every time, he knows he shouldn’t sing it, I question him why it’s ok to listen to it every other word in the lyrics but not sing it. He says it’s not right.To begin a debate on it I question him that if “they” don’t want it used by “us” why do they use it so much in the songs, he doesn’t know, neither do I. Hope that clarifies it for you, cos it doesn’t for me.

Posted By: Augustus Pablo on March 25th 2020 at 05:58:56

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