Not sure they needed to do anything

A one off surcharge isnt going to stop an away fan who wants to watch their Big Team locally, given the all-in cost is still less than travelling to watch said Big Club.

I can see the raw business merits in maximising income from infrequent casuals whilst trying to score PR points by 'capping' face value prices to benefit regular casuals.

It does though f**k over exiled parents who are now probably priced out of buying memberships for a chance of getting a ticket, as its going to be unlikely that paired or clusters of tickets make it through to general sale.

I had been hopeful of taking the twins to their first matches this season, but like f**k am I paying £150 just for the privilege of joining the queue. Ho hum.

Posted By: CWC on June 12th 2019 at 21:02:44

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