Fuck me, it big bad Ben on the blower

Fuck me! Just had a phone call from Ben Kensall! Confirmed it’s a commercial decision. It is what it is! Brings us in line with most other prem clubs. No official cap on numbers but applications are being monitored. Interestingly stated only 10% of sth ‘s attended more than 1 away game last season. Apologised for the lack of notice, and failure to consult CST. Called me as I’d emailed a complaint and was one of those most affected as I had 9 away trips so have just missed out on the priority window. PW consists of 754 people. Would not comment on actual numbers of memberships they would sell, but admitted some away games are not expected to make general sale. Away points are now a thing of the past, it will be a paid for priory structure from now on. Wouldn’t say if current priority window would be the same next season. A home season ticket is just that now in the eyes of the club. A guaranteed seat for every home game, nothing more except your 5%off at the Tony poolis! Shit, forgot to mention the free scarf! If anyone else gets s call please bring this up!
So bottom line, welcome to the cash cow that is the Premier League! Have your wallet at the ready!

Posted By: archroy on June 12th 2019 at 15:58:19

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