Just forked out nearly £200 just so me and WY Jnr can possibly attend games next season 🤬

I'm certainly not amused!!

Season ticket for me isn't practical or cost effective but membership and away points meant I could get to most games I wanted... even if I couldn't always get into the Barclay.

Now I need two memberships (home and away) plus same for WY Jnr and a standard for Mrs WY for the occasions when she wants to join us.

All this and I'll still have to queue at 9am in work time online or on phone and might still not get to the games I want.

Not a happy WY today folks so if anyone wants a Bieber/Cruise session at a roundabout of mutual choosing, let's get it on!

OTBC still though 👀

Posted By: Worthing Yellow on June 12th 2019 at 15:20:47

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