If we were relegated this season...

It would be interesting to know how many people bought memberships next year compared to this year. And how many people would opt not to pay it and instead buy IFollow and the occasional ticket on general sale.

At least then the club would have the statistic's, the customer numbers of those who are only interested in going to games if in the premier league.

Maybe they could then drop those people into a lower priority next year. Or perhaps you gain higher priority for auto renewal of membership.

Memberships is membership, shouldn't be separate home/away

Realistically for the away games considering the 3000 avg.

500 away season tickets
1500 tickets to memberships
500-1000 general sale but require customer number.

Membership allows purchase of maximum 2 tickets but second ticket must also be allocated to a customer number.

Ultimately the main issue is the simple system beforehand which is similar to many other clubs has been overhauled into a more complicated more expensive system in which the only people happy about this are the ones that have no history of regularly attending games and are only interested in having a fair crack at going to a top 6 ground with the available 2250 tickets. A fair crack they never had in the past because they were not willing to go and watch rotherham, wigan, reading, cardiff. It's just backwards.

Posted By: Basingstoke_Canary_J on June 12th 2019 at 11:36:05

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