So let me get my head around this... a season ticket holder and away supporter of long standing with 10+ away games last year I have just paid £51.50 (incl 'carriage and web sale fees' ffs) for the privilege of being able to buy away tickets this season. How is this different to the system before points whereby I needed 10 recent away tickets? Ah, of course, the £50 charge.

The group could easily have been ring-fenced without the £50 membership as we are all identified on our log-in. It seems a poorly considered cheapskate measure.

In addition the abandonment of the points system without any prior notice is a real hammer blow to those loyal supporters who have regularly attended away games regardless of league status or opposition quality.

And to suddenly introduce these measures on the same day that membership sales begin beggars belief.

This seems to be a PR cock-up more typical of the Scum than our club. What were they thinking?

Posted By: neverblue on June 12th 2019 at 11:04:50

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