Well this all seems a bit s**t, doesn't it?

Especially announcing it the day before the fixtures are released.
They say there was consultation, but apart from one person on Twitter, I haven't heard of any. Fair play to them for the £30 casual tickets, I suppose; my season ticket won't save me as much as before, but I'm guaranteed to see 19 Premier League matches in the same seat and it surely can't go up next season if this policy is still in place.
The £50 thing really is bollocks though and there seems to be little reward for the loyalty of many fans over the past few years. The club regularly calls us the best fans in the world, but actions speak louder than words, Mr Kensell.
As,someone who would like to go to some away games next season, but hasn't been to many in the last couple of seasons, unless I'm going to pay £50 it's unlikely that I'll have too much opportunity unless it's a Monday night game in Burnley or similar I reckon.
Unless there's something I'm missing here? The club really should explain their reasoning behind this and clarify how they expect the system to work in practice. The possibility of touts buying away membership, for example...

Posted By: Garry Brooke on June 12th 2019 at 10:57:58

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