A lot of assumptions going on as to what that is about

Could well be more to do with him not signing the contract offered to him.

But I’m not having this turned on the fans again. Cantwell has had no abuse from fans at games as far as I am aware. None. What seems to happen these days with social media is that fans come out with perfectly normal fan opinions about who should be in the team. That has always happened. Fans have players they rate, love, don’t like so much and they discuss who should be playing.

But these days, as soon as this happens some do gooder on Facebook or twitter accuses “the fans” of scapegoating that player and abusing them and a row kicks off. A very small minority of fans who are not the brightest maybe can’t distinguish between saying “x should be in the team” from “x is sh*t” and tweet things to that effect and the row snowballs. In general though most of the threads on social media about Cantwell getting stuck have been started by people falling over themselves to show what great fans they are by having a go at fans for “scapegoating” Cantwell rather than fans actually having a go at Cantwell. But now it’s too late, it’s snowbalked and the narrative is out there. It’s like some North Korean type regime where if you don’t tow the club line 100% and agree with everything that anyone at the club ever does you are the enemy or something.

will probably start him now on Friday to make a point.

Posted By: Jim on April 16th 2019 at 07:40:41

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