The best summary yet of Lambert's decline

Out of off of the comments in the guardian report
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I'm really sorry that you don't feel appreciated for our time together, Paul. I really did love you and will always look back fondly on what we went through together. But, you were always eyeing up other women and it was pretty painful when you ran off with that minger from the Midlands just because she had rich parents; leaving me on my own with the kids.

We do still have a picture of you on the mantelpiece and I try to only say positive things about you to the kids but, as the get older, they are beginning to realise that it is not normal behaviour to show up, pissed, with whatever tart you're seeing and start banging on about how much more 'brilliant' she's been than we ever were.

Perhaps if you handled yourself with a bit more dignity when you came round, I would find it easier to be nice to you. Still, I really hope things work out for you and your new girlfriend even though she is a bit below your usual standards. I'm sure you'll be just fine in that bedsit together. But Paul, please don't get violent like that again, it was quite embarrassing for everyone that the police had to intervene...

Posted By: Worzel Scrimmage on February 11th 2019 at 23:16:19

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